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NMC, Inc.
Holiday Statement to Shareholders
November 25, 2011

Fellow NMC Inc. Shareholders:

It is the season of the year that prepares us to be thankful for our families, our country, and our blessings. How wonderful it is to have hearts of gratitude. If we would just take time to count our blessings and focus on the positives, we could minimize our anxieties as it is hard to be grateful and anxious at the same time. While it is not within my power to alleviate your anxiety regarding NMC, I can tell you that we have received offers that were acceptable to your Board of Directors; however, to our great dismay, not one of those offers has yet been able to obtain the required financing or proof of financial capability. While I am not at liberty to discuss any details, please know that I am still very much involved in active negotiations with potential joint venture partners and/or buyers.

You should also know that I meet with your Directors almost every week for communication, wise counsel, and accountability as they are actively involved and very supportive. Your Board of Directors and I continue to serve NMC shareholders as we are most knowledgeable and because we have hope that financing will become available and we remain confident that success will ultimately be achieved.


In Your Service,
Michael Sheppard, President