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NMC, Inc.
Statement to Shareholders
November 3, 2015

In follow up to our previous communications regarding our Processing Agreement, your Directors & I thought it appropriate to provide our family of shareholders with an update. We have successfully contracted with an interim Project Manager with analytical expertise in our industry that knows & understands the complexities of our Skull Valley ore tailings. We also completed Exploration/Sampling & are in the process of shipping those exploration samples to selected processors/concentrators in order to conduct a comparative analysis. Our plan is to select that concentration process/protocol that yields the best results so we can then purchase and/or lease equipment to duplicate that process on a much larger scale at our Skull Valley mining site. We then would present our concentrated tailings to a refinery in order to finally know if the precious metals can be recovered & sold at a greater price than our cost. Even though this is a long-term project, we are pleased with the preliminary lab results and are proceeding as planned. We continue to covet your prayers for wisdom & discernment & a blessed harvest for all our shareholders & investment partner.

In your service,

Michael Sheppard, CEO