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NMC, Inc.
Statement to Shareholders
April 1, 2010

NMC Inc. Shareholders:

As most all our patient shareholders are aware, maximizing the return on all of our investments has always been our mission and now has become a quest. To that end, we continue to do the right things, the right way and therefore, have achieved several milestones along the way:

  1. Engagement of a credible SEC law firm, accounting firm, and auditor.
  2. Completion of the financials.
  3. First ever audited assays.
  4. Audit completed 10-11-06 (subsequently withdrawn upon discovery of unauthorized shares).  
  5. Engaged Integrity Stock Transfer as an independent and professional transfer agent.
  6. Signed the Settlement Agreement on 2-9-07 resulting in the retirement of two billion shares and control of the company given to the common shareholders.
  7. Conducted first ever public shareholder meeting on 3-31-07 authorizing previously unauthorized shares.
  8. Filed eight years of NMC, Inc. taxes, which had not been filed since 1999.
  9. Negotiated different asset sale transactions, although buyers were either not bona fide or were unable to secure financing.
  10. Received approval of the final NMC Mine Operating Plan (MOP) from the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) on 12-31-09.

And now, on 3-31-10, the lease for the adjacent 377 acres in the Copper Basin , Skull Valley Arizona site HAS BEEN RENEWED. The renewed lease will allow us to re-direct our marketing efforts and to re-contact mining firms and/or joint venture partners who were not interested in only ore concentrates. We are pleased AS THIS WILL remove obstacles we have been facing in our sales efforts while providing additional options to a possible sale or joint venture.

While I am personally thrilled with this latest blessing, I remain cautiously optimistic as our greatest challenge continues to be assisting the potential buyers in obtaining financing when credit remains so tight as many mining companies have limited liquidity. That said, we would be open to receiving a substantial down payment which could then be distributed to our shareholders via a dividend plus a stock swap with a solid, publically held, mining firm - which is much more attractive to all parties.

Please know that this lease could not have been granted without the tremendous contributions of our Project Manager, Pete Rushbrook and our Webmaster, Jim Richardson who helped prepare the NMC Mine Operating Plan (MOP) and what you see on our website. I believe that this huge milestone would not have been achieved without the support of Senator Steve Pierce AND the Arizona Governor’s Office,  and most of all, our LORD, as I believe that HE has a hand in our company. Your continued prayer and support is greatly appreciated.

In Your Service,
Michael Sheppard, President
Your continued prayers and patience are much appreciated and our commitment to you remains strong.
In Your Service,



Note: The Mine Operating Plan (MOP), Ore Economic Analysis, and Lease documents can be found in the Skull Valley section of our website. Click here.